Why Bother With Meditation?

I know that many of you find it difficult to sit still in silence for even a minute, let alone 20 – or longer, hence why countless people tend to avoid meditation as if it were the plague.

But there are a multitude of ways to learn this ancient and potent art without all the so- called hassle that some people like to associate it with.

My own journey with meditation has been a powerful, insightful, awe-inspiring, empowering and skill-enhancing time, to say the least.

I’ve learned many things about myself and life that have influenced my decisions to a completely new level. Furthering my own personal development has been much fun over the years.

Life can be like a mirror image; it reflects your characteristics right back to you in a bid to make you aware of what’s really going on, in a similar way to how meditation gets past all of the hype and the “pretending” – you know, the silly stuff.

Meditation highlights those weak areas within that cause you to flop in life, and instead – delivers something new and concrete to build your new character from.

Like all houses are built on a joist for their stability/support, the same principle applies to YOU… build your lifestyle from a solid foundation – just like a joist.

Ask yourself this;

“Am I happy with my life these days?”

“Do I even have a couple of the things that I want in life?”

“When did I last celebrate a victory?”

“What do I value about ME?”

and last but not least….

“What do others value about me?”

Why ask yourself these questions? 

Because they matter to everyone – even those who say stuff like: 

“I don’t care what the world thinks about me, I’m living for myself..!”


“Everyone loves me ‘cos I’m just great…”

errrm – really?

Take yourself back to the worst moment in your life, just remember a time when you seriously let yourself down.

It could have been when you messed up your speech at that interview that promised you your first shot at independence?

Was it the time you drank too much but tried to play it cool after spewing up your guts in front of your nearest and dearest?

Maybe it was when you were soul-searching, trying to impress people with bravado only for them to see right through your disguise – or was it that night when you didn’t perform so well in bed?

The ACT only ever goes so far… sooner or later you’ll have to drop the pantomime and be real. Meditation will make such challenges a walk through the park – if you commit.

Try keeping a muscle tensed forever – not happening, right? Same too with FAKING IT, one hell of an act to keep up!

Relax, worse things have happened and the good news is that:


..but do you learn from yours?

Meditation is like an internal sat-nav that leads to self-mastery, which is also the route to self-control.

The road you need to travel to afford the lifestyle of your desires is the road that you least want to travel due to laziness, ignorance or fear, but meditation is like a special “growth-tool” for delivering excellence.

Like with all things in life, effort is needed if you want to improve yourself and how you function from day to day. Regular meditation will help you to achieve the following:

  • Mental clarity and awareness
  • Greater focus and concentration
  • Save energy
  • Build immune resistance to illness
  • Improve blood pressure
  • Increase awareness
  • Promote better sleep patterns
  • Control mood swings
  • Improve intuition

These are a handful of what you can expect from REGULAR practice, there’s many more benefits as you’ll soon learn.

Some of my clients are happy getting on with their challenges because they’ve found better ways to cope with what used to have them run in the opposite direction, others are content with their lives now because they have learned better self-management and no longer feel discouraged in life.

But these same clients were actually people who came to me full of complaints, moaning about every little (and big) thing imaginable; some would moan about work, their relationships, their car breaking down or the bills they have to pay.

All a waste of precious energy – until meditation changed their outlook on life and what really matters. Moaning only robs you of a life, makes you old before your time and just spreads illness.

Did you just hear what I said? Moaning makes you old & it spreads dis-ease.

There is nothing wrong with growing old, but why force the years on yourself when you could be taking great strides in you own personal development, making realities out of dreams instead of just constantly wishing and whining?

The way that you perceive yourself has a massive effect on how other people feel about you, ultimately affecting the way they interact with you.

Who do you admire in life and why? What is it about these people that makes you pay attention to them?

 They have something that you don’t have – that’s the simple answer.

But what’s so attractive? If it’s not their looks then what is it? Could it be their attitude or something else about their demeanour? Are they brimming with confidence to the point where you can almost feel it?

These qualities and so many more are waiting to greet you, but you’ll need to commit like you would with anything worthwhile in this world.

My life has gone from strength to strength with meditation, it has been like a key that just keeps opening doors for me, and it’s time for you to start unlocking your own doors.

Each door housing potential, revealing hidden talents, strengths, skills and opportunity after opportunity for your progression. There’s no sense in allowing your weaknesses to dominate you forever.

This life is no place for people who are happy to remain weak forever, weakness presents opportunities to grow strong, but so many of you choose to stay put in your comfort zones and wonder why life never SEEMS to offer anything new and improved.

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