The “Confidence” Quest

Do you remember the last time that you felt Confident?  

Today maybe, was it yesterday, last month or even last year?

Maybe it was when you finally passed your driving test and received your very first “pink card” allowing you to travel the roads with an “I’ve passed” sign attached to your ego?

Or was it when you moved out of mummy and daddy’s home and into your own digs, free to do this ‘life thing’ all on your lonesome?

Whatever gets you out of your shell and into action-mode is what I’m ‘getting at’ here.

Confident people go places that others don’t get to go. It’s that simple.

So, which category are you in…? Do you lack confidence or do you have it?

But what is confidence born of exactly?

It’s braving those times when ‘panic’ is like your shadow is no easy task if you lack understanding of what confidence really is and where/how it can be found.

Confidence is self-belief, positive thinking, self-control, self-assurance, trust or faith in others as well as in yourself – all of these QUALITIES rolled into one package:


So, what’s your story?

Are you trying desperately to accomplish something that seems impossible to achieve – or maybe you’re stressed out trying all the same old routines without reward?

We can ALL relate.

If you’re the type of person who makes excuses for not having what you desire in life then you border on the path of ‘laziness’ and so, you probably won’t make it through this blog – but do try ;)

My personal journey for confidence was more like a frustrating quest, back in the day, until I understood something that many of you would argue with;

I learned that the confidence I’d been searching for was already invested in me, some place deep inside – like the roots of a sturdy tree running deep into the earth for its stability.

I noticed that my confidence was like a sleeping giant that would snooze continuously until/unless I did something to wake it from slumber. I’m not referring to an alarm clock but instead to the actions that I had to take to get the attention of this seemingly ignorant giant.

It had no interest in any of my rhetoric, my moaning, my so-called efforts, ha!

It wanted to see the real me, and the real Anthony used to be a scared and silly excuse for a man in this huge world, so I made some changes here and there but still failed miserably to get the attention of my sleeping giant

You see folks, at the time I weren’t aware that this giant had a name, I just kept trying the SAME OLD silliness in the hope that something productive would come from my repetition.

My wake-up-call started for me when I decided to try a new thing; meditation.

This was the start of something that has remained with me from the moment I began and it will never leave me – nor will I leave it.

Meditation significantly improved my studies and reinforced my skills at martial arts, I developed a clear and stable mindset, my mental and physical strength were in a different league, emotionally I felt refreshed and free.

But still, more was needed…

I was very eager back then, but lacking knowledge can be punishing to say the  least, if you don’t know something then you must learn and that takes time in  most cases.

Patience was never really a difficulty for me unless I continuously got something  wrong then, naturally, I’d grow impatient – but at who/what?

Myself of course.

Next was fighting, but funnily enough this was not responsible for ‘waking the giant within,’ I just used to get rather bloody entertaining foolishness, thinking I were testing my character at the time but I was ‘way off.’

I remember raving at a nightclub in my late teens, sipping a cognac and minding my own business when this lady walks over to me, seemed as though she wanted my attention, she was after something, but hell-no if you thought I was giving her a speech.

So this lack of communication continued for some time, me just stood there sipping brandy, still minding my own, but little did she know;

I was shy…

…so no talk from me – until these two hoodlums thought they’d come muscle in on my treat. Hmph.

Nope – not this night.

Confidence or not, I weren’t too pleased with their intrusion and neither was she…

“are these fools having a laugh” I thought, as I jumped in front of her…

I said nothing to these men – just let my body language to do the talking.

Also, I remember thinking at the time; “so what now?” But I had not even the slightest shred of panic about me.


Strange but true, and it was enough to deter the two sharks.

They both walked away – said nothing. Cool.

Without thinking, I start speaking with this attractive lady, even number-closed her – which was unplanned ;)

I finished my drink and left – content.

Hmmm, so what happened? I had a moment to think after I left, still unaware of what really went down with those two blokes but I knew I felt calm in the face of a threat –

– then “it” gave an introduction. Said its name’s Confidence.

And that’s when it hit me, hard.

It was waiting for me to give it a reason to wake up, and the only way to do this was to push past my comfort level.

Confidence is like courage.

Being brave has nothing to do with being fearless, instead, it has everything to do with feeling fearful but pushing on as someone without fear would do.

Those intruders, the two guys who tried to muscle-in on my female friend had me jump to the challenge – but at that moment I was unaware of what was going on – all I knew is that I seemed to be acting out-of-character because the lady REALLY mattered to me…

Why? I weren’t even out on the ‘pull’ so why did she matter so much? Because the best moments in life are the unplanned ones – remember that… did I mention how fit she was?!

Same with confidence – you’ll have to go with it if you’re serious about ‘the experience.’

Give it a good-enough reason to ‘wake’ for you.

Stop hiding and making things worse already – what do you really have to lose? What, a few beads of sweat maybe, but nothing else – dignity will stay intact if you step to your challenges, but run from them and your dignity takes a severe emotional beating – why?

Because you’ll run for ever, from anything that seems ‘past your comfort zone.’

*One of those annoying habits you’ll need to drop before it drops you*

Many of my clients in the past had similar, if not identical, challenges/issues with their level of confidence. Some felt as though they never had it to begin with, and others believed that confidence was beyond their control or that they were too weak to deal with anything, let alone unearthing/tapping confidence.

And this is why many people never get to experience confidence in their lives – because they’re too busy reinforcing doubt, pessimism and self-loathing.

This negative frame of mind creates all the negativity that you can handle for a day, and how about a lifetime?


Thought as much… but this is the reality for many people the world over and for many others it will remain this way until a new approach is taken in place of the outdated methods.

Time for a shift in consciousness.

Your perception needs altering or even replacing. Most of the things you search for are available at anytime that YOU’RE READY.

My training is designed to suit your personal needs, tailored to a client-specific standard as no two people are the same – I tailor my ‘transformation’ packages to meet your individual needs.

What is it that makes you shake and sweat bundles? Do you turn all flappy at the slightest turn of events or do you get into panic-mode when dating, attending interviews or driving your car in the city where congestion is rife?

The changes start when YOU start. Making goals is useless if you have no backbone to turn dreams to realities. Why wake in a world that is full of opportunity only to waste these precious moments playing with outcomes that will never be?

Want ‘rich’ then learn how to think rich. What does that word mean to you? I see wealth when I think of that word – wealth in all meaningful areas and not just the financial side of my life, but every area that means something to me.

So I work for it as I’ve always done and I throw out the useless stuff that gets me nowhere, but I hold onto value and I make it work for me.

Get serious about your life, you have to invest if you want a “return on your investment.”

The Transformation Toolbox

Now YOU have the opportunity to steer your life in a new direction that attracts success instead of mere disappointment.

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  • Andrea Goddard

    Hi WOW!! This is amazing thank you so much im so thbkful for all your help and encouragement to takechis important step!! I am trying to watch videos but wont load i know patience in time they will!! Im ready for this tranaformatikn means so much to me!! Im ready to be on the right path and finally get my babies back and living happy agan!! Im so excited!! I have started lately last month or so to get confidence back buvthis will fully put me into where i need be!!! God Bless You and thank you so much!! Look forward to all of this!! Thanks again!!

    • Great to hear from you Andrea :)

      I’m happy to hear that you’re finding my work helpful – even better that you are feeling confident and full of energy…

      Great work!

      Keep up the effort and remember that I’m always here to answer your questions and offer my support.

      You are definitely on the right path and you’re not alone.

      I’m proud of you, look forward to hearing from you soon…

      Anthony :)

      • Andrea Goddard

        :)) Yes i know it!!! Ww its like i just jumped off that stress anxious step i did!! And thanks!! Im proud of myself as well!! God Bless!!!