Affirmation: The Blueprint of Your Success

We hear it almost everywhere these days; “affirmation can make you rich,” OR –

“my life changed with affirmation.”

And there are a vast number of people who have indeed changed their life’s direction with this powerful tool.

And how about you?

Have you managed to get to cloud 9 yet or does it all seem kind of far-fetched to you? Is there really anything so powerful about affirming in the positive and will it work wonders for you?

What is Affirmation?

Living your life as you see fit.

That’s one simple answer to understand this potent tool for creativity.

Affirmation is like your own personal blueprint for CREATING successful outcomes.

Be creative and learn to visualise.

You use visualisation to bring a picture or a scenario into your mind’s eye (imagination), then attach belief to your desired outcome (visualise), feeling the energy/excitement of that moment.

mental programming at it’s best

Life is yours to command, so don’t fool yourself into believing that your ambitions will never be obtained because that type of thinking only serves to sabotage your best plans.

Your thoughts are more powerful than you know, they are LARGELY responsible for the majority of outcomes that you deal with each day, but how many of you are aware of this fact?

Thoughts are like bullets:

Fire off a few rounds and they’ll soon hit something…

best to be positive with your thoughts…


Affirmation is CREATIVE in its nature.

You use affirmation every day without realising it…

Did You Know This?

We all programme ourselves daily.

People have replicated this human trait with computers, mobile phones, satellites and countless other forms of technology.

You want a sweet life, so why think in ways that destroy your ambition? That’s being “your own worst enemy”- so don’t expect the world to be your friend if you’re not a friend to yourself:

Energy Follows Intention

you ARE what you believe

moan about being unlucky and luck will never find you

know that you’re improving each day

just believe in YOU

feel the excitement of living your desires

be smart with your thoughts

believe you’ll number-close and you will

just visualise it

but beware…

*doubt is a thief*

don’t allow it to rob you – beat it up

But as with all things programmed – the input always determines the output. In other words; you get out what you put in. 

And how often do you check with your thoughts to make sure that they’re not working against you? To use affirmation properly you need to understand how your mind works.

Everyone has their own way of taking some time out to observe their life and make the necessary adjustments, but very few people stop to realise what’s going on with their thought processes.

Where do those thoughts go to – you know, the ones you forget about?

Surely they don’t just disappear, right…? If you were stood in a room talking with one person but there were 100 other people also talking among themselves, your mind will also filter in everything being said around you.

Doesn’t matter that you’re only engaged in conversation with one person, the mind takes in absolutely everything – subliminal.

Look at this sentence for example: gintad monew si treag.”

You have 5 seconds to tell me what the sentence “above” really says?


Your 5 seconds have just expired.

If you’re still stuck for the answer then just check the end of this post for it – but I can tell you that your subconscious worked it out within a split second ;)

So long as all the words present can form a sentence your subby will lock on and translate – instantly. This world is and always has been manipulated by subliminal messages.

So how does the mind off-load all of its daily subliminal excess?

To find out – read my post:  “Why Bother With Meditation?” CLICK HERE.

The Subconscious

Your Subby ATTRACTS Whatever You Think About Most

It is either your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on your INPUT. Reason being because your subconscious knows no reasoning – simply put – it doesn’t know how to tell the difference between fact or fiction.

Do you focus on your thoughts? How do you spend the time that you have alone? These are questions that need answering – I don’t need the answers but you do.

They’ll help you to understand what occupies your mind because all conscious actions are made possible by thought.

Your daily activities reflect what’s on your mind just like certain body language can illustrate how a person is feeling.

Trace your actions to their thoughts and discover your thinking patterns, often referred to as “train of thought.”

What occupies your mind the most? 

This is something you’ll need to get-a-grip of, your thoughts truly do dominate your world and you are the captain of your mental ship.

You give the orders and your mental-crew make them happen – but your orders must be clear and direct.

No one believes in you if YOU don’t believe in yourself.

Life is full of people who think negatively about almost everything – and whaddya you know?… it’s these negative lot who sit and wonder WHY their lives are so damn MISERABLE.

And they will be happy to drown you with their ugly way of thinking – no success of their own so they’ll be aghast if they met someone who was actually successful…

Steer clear of these ill-wishers and subscribe to the idea of positive and powerful change… let nothing ruin your appetite for success.

Change your thoughts and watch how your life changes.







ohhh yeah – that answer… for those of you who didn’t get it:

“gintad monew si treag” = “dating women is great.”   ;)

  • Dale

    Anthony, Why did you not put “re-arrange these letters to make a sentence that makes cense?” The way you have it does not even sounds like a sentence or it could be in another language. Dale